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Party Politicians - Noble, Ignoble and Local, Labour Chronicle (Edinburgh), 1 December


Irish Socialist Republican Party


Socialism and Nationalism, Shan Van Voght, January
Patriotism and Labour, Shan Van Voght, August
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Socialism and Irish Nationalism, L'Irlande Libre (Paris)


The Fighting Race, Workers' Republic, 13 August
The Men We Honour, Workers' Republic, 13 August
An Open Letter to Dublin Castle, Workers' Republic, 13 August
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 20 August
The Roots of Modern War, Workers' Republic, 20 August
Peasant Proprietorship and Socialism, Workers' Republic, 27 August
British and Russian Imperialism I, Workers' Republic, 3 September
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 3 September
British and Russian Imperialism II, Workers' Republic, 10 September
The Irish Land Question, Workers' Republic, 24 September
The Independent and New Machinery, Workers' Republic, 1 October
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 22 October


The Sweating System, Workers' Republic, 3 June
Father Finlay, S.J., and Socialism, Workers' Republic, 1 July
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 1 July
Physical Force in Irish Politics, Workers' Republic, 22 July
"Soldiers of the Queen", Workers' Republic, 15 July
The South African War I, From Workers' Republic, 19 August
Law and Order, Workers' Republic, 26 August
Resolution of Sympathy with the Boer Republics, Workers' Republic, 27 August
The Re-Conquest of Ireland, Workers' Republic, 2 September 1899 (1898)
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 9 September
America and Ireland: Farmers' Demands, Workers' Republic, 21 October 1899 (1898)
Imperialism and Socialism, Workers' Republic, 4 November
The South African War II, Workers' Republic, 18 November
A Plea for the Children, Workers' Republic, 2 December
Dublin and the War, Workers' Republic, 30 December


Difficulties of Socialism, Workers' Republic, 3 June
Difficulties of Capitalism, Workers' Republic, 16 June
The Coming Generation, Workers' Republic, 15 July
Ireland Sober is Ireland Free?, Workers' Republic, 15 July
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 15 September
Parliamentary Democracy, Workers' Republic, 22 September
Home Thrusts, Workers' Republic, 10 November


Home Rulers and Labour, Workers' Republic, October
Wood Quay Ward: To the Electors, Workers' Republic, December


Coronation of King Edward VII
Taken Root!, Workers' Republic, March


Wood Quay Ward, Election Address, January
The New Danger, Workers' Republic, April
Unpatriotic?, Workers' Republic, May
The Socialist Labour Party of America and the London SDF, The Socialist, June
The American SDP: Its Origin, its Press, and its Policies, The Socialist, July
Loubet - and Other Things, The Socialist, August


The Coming Revolt in India: Its Political and Social Causes I, The Harp, January
Declaration of Principles of the Irish Socialist Federation, New York, January
Harp Strings, The Harp, January
A Political Party of the Workers, The Harp, January
Our Purpose and Function, The Harp, January
The Coming Revolt in India: Its Political and Social Causes II, The Harp, February
Irish Socialist Republic, Workers' Republic, March
Sinn Féin And Socialism, The Harp, April
To Irish Wage Workers in America, The Harp, May
Harp Strings, Workers' Republic, June
Political Action, The Harp, July
Michael Davitt: A Text for a Revolutionary Lecture, The Harp, August
The Irish Masses in History, The Harp, September
"Roman Catholicism and Socialism", The Harp, September
Facets of American Liberty, Workers' Republic, December


Sinn Fein, Socialism and the Nation, Irish Nation, 23 January
Ballots, Bullets, Or --, The International Socialist Review, October
Capitalism and the Irish Small Farmers, The Harp, November


A New Labour Policy, The Harp, January
Industrialism and the Trade Unions, International Socialist Review, February
Labour and Politics in Ireland, The Harp, April


Visit of King George V
Sweatshops Behind the Orange Flag, Forward, 11 March
Mr. John E. Redmond, M.P.: His Strength and Weakness, Forward, 18 March
Belfast Dockers: Their Miseries and their Triumphs, Irish Worker, 26 August
Walter Carpenter Free, Irish Worker, 2 September
Direct Action in Belfast, Irish Worker, 16 September


Some Rambling Remarks, Irish Worker, Christmas


To the Linen Slaves of Belfast
Belfast Municipal Elections, January 1913
British Labour and Irish Politicians, Forward, 3 May
The Dublin Lock Out: On the Eve, Irish Worker, 30 August
Glorious Dublin!, Forward, 4 October
The Children, The Irish Transport & General Workers' Union and the Archbishop, Forward, 1 November
How to Release Larkin, Irish Worker, 1 November
Importation v. Deportation, Irish Worker, 8 November
Irish Rebels and English Mobs, Irish Worker, 22 November
Capitalist Dove of Peace?, Irish Worker, 6 December
Home Thrusts, Irish Worker, 6 December
A Titanic Struggle, Daily Herald, 6 December
Arms and the Man, Irish Worker, 13 December
ITGWU: To the Working Class of Dublin, Irish Worker, 13 December
A Fiery Cross or Christmas Bells, Irish Worker, 20 December


Independent Labour Party of Ireland: Appeal to the Irish Working Class
War: What It Means To You, Irish Citizen Army (Belfast Division)
Mr Murphy's Great New Year Speech, Irish Worker, 3 January
A Lesson From Dublin, Forward, 2 February
The Isolation of Dublin, Forward, 9 February
The Lenten Pastorals - A Challenge, Irish Worker, 28 February
Labour and the Proposed Partition of Ireland, Irish Worker, 14 March
The Outrages at Jacob's, Irish Worker, 14 March
The First Hint of Partition, Forward, 21 March
Ireland and Ulster: An Appeal to the Working Class, Irish Worker, 4 April
The Exclusion of Ulster, Forward, 11 April
The Solidarity of Labour, Forward, 18 April
Changes, Forward, 9 May
The Problem of Trade Union Organization, Forward, 23 May
Address to the Delegates, Irish Worker, 30 May
The Liberals and Ulster, Forward, 30 May
Labour in the New Irish Parliament, Forward, 4 July
The Latest Massacre in Dublin, Forward, 1 August
Our Duty In This Crisis, Irish Worker, 8 August
The National Danger, Irish Worker, 15 August
America and Europe, Irish Worker, 22 August
A Martyr For Conscience Sake, Forward, 22 August
Northern Notes, Irish Worker, 22 August
On German Militarism, Irish Worker, 22 August
The War Upon The German Nation, Irish Worker, 29 August
Connolly's Speech on War's Outbreak, Irish Worker, 5 September
The Real Situation In Ireland, Forward, 5 September
Recruiting - Let the Wastrels Go, Irish Worker, 5 September
The Friends of Small Nationalities, Irish Worker, 12 September
Ruling By Fooling: "Home Rule On the Statute Book", Irish Worker, 19 September
Some Perverted Battle Lines, Irish Worker, 26 September
Redmond Cannot Deliver the Goods, Irish Worker, 3 October
A Forward Policy for Volunteers, Irish Worker, 10 October
Forward!, Irish Worker, 17 October
How England Sacrificed Belgium, Irish Worker, 17 October
Ireland and the War: The Position of the Nation, Irish Worker, 17 October
The Ballot or the Barricades, Irish Worker, 24 October
The Hope of Ireland, Irish Worker, 31 October
Rally for Labour, Irish Worker, 14 November
Disturbed Dublin, Irish Worker, 18 November
Labour Mans the Breach, Irish Worker, 21 November
Tell the Truth: A Challenge to Mr Birrell, Irish Worker, 28 November


"In This Supreme Hour of Our National Danger", The Worker, 9 January
Our Rulers as a Study, The Worker, 16 January
Can Warfare Be Civilized?, The Worker, 30 January
Revolutionary Unionism and War, International Socialist Review, March
The Dublin Lock-Out and Its Sequel, Worker's Republic, 29 May
Our Policy, Workers' Republic, 29 May
Our Disappearing Liberties, Workers' Republic, 5 June
College Green: A Labour Candidate, Workers' Republic, 12 June
After the Battle, Workers' Republic, 19 June
Liberty and Labour, Workers' Republic, 19 June
A Railway Thief, Workers' Republic, 26 June
War at Home, Workers' Republic, 26 June
Why The Citizen Army Honours Rossa, Rossa Souvenir, July
The Right to Strike, The Workers' Republic, 3 July
What is a Scab?, Workers' Republic, 10 July
Strikes and Revolution, Workers' Republic, 24 July
Dublin Trades Council, Workers' Republic, 31 July
The Man and the Cause!, Workers' Republic, 31 July
Ireland's Travail and Ireland's Resurrection, Workers' Republic, 7 August
To All Labourers' Societies, Workers' Republic, 14 August
A Continental Revolution, Forward, 15 August
Militarism, Workers' Republic, 21 August
Coercion in England, Workers' Republic, 28 August
Wee Joe Devlin, Workers' Republic, 28 August
The Party Versus the People, Workers' Republic, 4 September
Protect Your Women, Workers' Republic, 11 September
God Help the Poor Irish, Workers' Republic, 18 September
Some Irish Slaves and Slavishness, Workers' Republic, 25 September
James Keir Hardie, Workers' Republic, 2 October
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 2 October
In Praise of the Empire, Workers' Republic, 9 October
Without Principle, Workers' Republic, 9 October
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 16 October
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 23 October
For the Citizen Army, Workers' Republic, 30 October
A War For Civilization, Workers' Republic, 30 October
Diplomacy, Workers' Republic, 6 November
Recruiting the Irish Citizen Army, Workers' Republic 6 November
Ireland - Disaffected Or Revolutionary, Workers' Republic, 13 November
The Returned Emigrants, Workers' Republic, 13 November
The Dispute on the Docks: Is it War?, Workers' Republic, 20 November
The Manchester Martyrs, Workers' Republic, 20 November
Conscription, Workers' Republic, 27 November
Dublin Trade and Dublin Strikes, Workers' Republic, 4 December
"Trust Your Leaders!", Workers' Republic, 4 December
Economic Conscription I, Workers' Republic, 18 December
Correspondents, Workers' Republic, 25 December
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 25 December
Two Fateful Christmas Weeks, Workers' Republic, 25 December


A Happy New Year, Workers' Republic, 1 January
A Lesson of the Strike, Workers' Republic, 8 January
The Volunteers of '82, Workers' Republic, 8 January
The Programme of Labour, Workers' Republic, 19 January
What Is Our Programme?, Workers' Republic, 22 January
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 5 February
The Slackers I, Workers' Republic, 5 February
What Is A Free Nation?, Workers' Republic, 12 February
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 19 February
The Slums and the Trenches, Workers' Republic, 26 February
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 4 March
To the Seafarers of Ireland, Workers' Republic, 4 March
The Days of March, Workers' Republic, 11 March
The Slackers II, Workers' Republic, 11 March
The German or the British Empire?, Workers' Republic, 18 March
The National Festival, Workers' Republic, 18 March
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 18 March
The Slackers III, Workers' Republic, 25 March
We Will Rise Again, Workers' Republic, 25 March
The Call To Arms, Workers' Republic, 1 April
A Cheap Bargain, Workers' Republic, 1 April
Forces of Civilisation, Workers' Republic, 8 April
The Irish Flag, Workers' Republic, 8 April
Economic Conscription II, Workers' Republic, 15 April
Notes on the Front, Workers' Republic, 15 April
Last Statement of James Connolly, 9 May

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