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* Allen, Kieran. The Politics of James Connolly. London: Pluto Press, 1990.

Anderson, W. K. (William Keys). James Connolly and the Irish Left. Dublin, 1994.

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Connolly, James. Labour in Irish History Dublin, 1910.

Connolly, James Labor, nationality and religion. Dublin.

Connolly, James The new evangel. Dublin, 1898

Connolly, James. Socialism and Nationalism.

Connolly, James. Socialism Made Easy.

Connolly, James. The Workers' Republic. Dublin, Ireland, 1898.

* Connolly, James. Workshop Talks. Cork, Ireland: The Cork Workers' Club, no date.

* Connolly, James and D. DeLeon. Connolly/DeLeon Controversy on Wages, Marriage and the Church.

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Walsh, Pat. Irish Republicanism and Socialism: the Politics of the Republican Movement, 1905 to 1994. Belfast, 1994.

Williams, D. (ed). The Irish Struggle 1916-1926. London: Routledge, 1966.

How to find these books

Books marked with * are available by mail order from the Irish Republican Socialist Committees, North America.

Other resources to try:

LarkSpirit Bookshop
Irish History on the Web

Many of these books are difficult to find and may be out of print. However, good university and city libraries may have some of these titles (don't forget that in the US, older books are usually still catalogued in libraries' dewey decimal listings). If a book is not available, a reference librarian may be able to assist you in obtaining the books through interlibrary loan.

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