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Are you interested in finding books about and by James Connolly, as well as assisting us in paying server costs for the James Connolly Society website, and eventually, publishing costs for a JCS publication?

Then welcome to our new, "diamond in the raw" virtual JCS bookstore, at this point consisting of over 100 titles, made possible by an affiliation with Amazon Books. Each purchase of a new book through the program goes to help pay our costs.

Please note that many of the selections are "out of print" and are therefore unavailable through Amazon, but you may still be able to find them through a 3rd party seller. Even though we won't benefit from sales between you and 3rd parties, we feel it is still of benefit to the study and research of James Connolly to include these books in our "virtual" bookstore.

Many of the books available through Amazon may also be available used or at a cheaper price from third parties, and we encourage you to save your money and buy cheap where available, but if your intent is to assist us with our costs, remember that we will not benefit from your 3rd-party purchase.

And in a shameless "give us free stuff" ploy, if you are a publisher or writer and have a book on James Connolly that you would like reviewed by the folks at the James Connolly Society, please contact us at jcs@wage[nospam]slave.org and we'll discuss options.

We have organised our selection of titles in the five categories below:

James Connolly
Communist and Socialist Theory
Easter Rising/Notable Figures
Guerilla Tactics and Strategies

More titles and categories will be added over time. Feel free to contact us at the above email address if you think a title should be added.

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