Books on the Easter Rising (28 total)

The 1916 Proclamation
By John O'Connor

The Irish Revolution, 1913-1923
Edited by Joost Augusteijn

Letters from Dublin, Easter 1916: The Diary of Alfred Fannin
Edited by Adrian Warwick-Haller and Sally Warwick-Haller

Portrait of a Revolutionary: General Richard Mulcahy and the Founding of the Irish Free State
By Maryann Gialanella Valiulis

A Pocket History of Irish Rebels
by Morgan Llywelyn

Rebels: The Irish Rising of 1916
By Peter De Rosa

Grace Gifford Plunkett and Irish Freedom: Tragic Bride of 1916
By Marie O'Neill

Ireland since the Rising
By Timothy Patrick Coogan

The Easter Rebellion
By Max Caulfield

Easter Rising
By Brian Barton and Michael A. Foy

16 on 16: Irish Writers on the Easter Rising

Agony at Easter: The 1916 Irish Uprising
By Thomas M. Coffey

The Easter Rising: Revolution and Irish Nationalism
By Alan J. Ward

Dublin Castle and the 1916 Rising
By Le‚on ‚O Broin

Last Words: Letters and Statements of the Leaders Executed After the Rising at Easter 1916

Prelude to the Easter Rising: Sir Roger Casement in Imperial Germany
By Reinhard R. Doerries

The Easter Rising: A Guide to Dublin in 1916
By Conor Kostick and Lorcan Collins

Dublin Burning: The Easter Rising from Behind the Barricades
By W. J. Brennan-Whitmore

The 1916 Rising
By Edward Purdon

1916 as History: The Myth of the Blood Sacrifice
By C. Desmond Greaves

The Easter rebellion of 1916
By W. D. Trimble

Dublin 1916: An Illustrated Anthology
By Roger Joseph McHugh

The Sinn Fein Rebellion As They Saw It
By Hamilton Norway and Keith Jeffery

Enchanted by Dreams: The Journal of a Revolutionary
By Joe Good

The Easter Rising, Dublin 1916: A Collection of Contemporary Material
By Anthony Comerford

Revising the Rising

Major John MacBride, 1865-1916: MacDonagh, and MacBride, and Connolly, and Pearse
By Anthony J. Jordan

The Communists and the Irish Revolution

Books on Patrick Pearse (6 total)

In Bloody Protest: The Tragedy of Patrick Pearse
By Xavier Carty

Patrick Pearse and the Politics of Redemption: The Mind of the Easter Rising, 1916
By Sean Farrell Moran

Patrick Pearse and the Lost Republican Ideal
By Brian P. Murphy

1916 in Laois: An Account of the Activities of the Laois Volunteers Up to and Including the 1916 Rising

Patrick Pearse
By Ruth D. Edwards

The literary writings of Patrick Pearse: Writings in English
By Padraic Pearse

Books on Constance Markievicz (8 total)

The Phoenix: Rebel Countess
By Anne Marreco

Terrible Beauty: A Life of Constance Markievicz, 1868-1927
By Diana Norman

Constance Markievicz: Irish Revolutionary
By Anne Haverty

Constance De Markievicz
By Jacqueline Van Voris

Constance Markievicz
By Sean O'Faolain

Two great Irishwomen: Maud Gonne MacBride, Constance Markievicz
By Eibhlin N‚i ‚Eireamhoin

Constance Markievicz

The Prison Letters of Countess Markievicz
By Constance Markievicz

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