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    Would you like to keep in touch with site updates or be alerted of important dates and events? Then sign up to this list. Currently, it's moderated and is expected to be low-traffic, but at some future point we may open it up to discussion of topics relating to James Connolly if interest is there.

    If you have a yahoo id, you can follow the above link and join the list through the usual method, or if you have no yahoo id or wish to join the list via a non-web-based email account, you can send an email to (and mind the underscores in the email address):

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    The JCS is not involved in geneological research, and as such, we are unable to answer questions about Connolly family trees, branches, offshoots, variant spellings, etc. However, given that much of our email since we went online has been questions about geneology, we have included a url to a Connolly Geneology website. We make no claims as to their completeness or accuracy -

    If you have other Connolly geneology websites or resources that have helped you, please let us know what they are so that we can list them.

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