James Connolly Projects

Current internal projects:
  • Development of the "James Connolly 'Son of Troy' Monument Committee" page, detailing the "behind the scenes" work that resulted in the Troy (New York) monument honouring James Connolly
  • Development of a "FAQ" to assist visitors, particularly those involved in geneology (Questions such as "Connolly is my family name, is James Connolly related to me?" will be answered) and those interested in Connolly-inspired music (We all know Christy Moore and Black 47 wrote songs about Connolly, are there others?), etc and etc.
    Future projects:
  • Solicitation of original research and analysis relating to James Connolly and Connolly-inspired efforts
  • Development of an "Irish Citizen Army" page
  • Development of a "Connolly Column" (Spanish Civil War) page
  • Finding sources for unpublished Connolly works, articles, images, etc.
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    If you have a project you would like to assist with or a project you have the energy and independence to spearhead, email us at jcs@wage[nospam]slave.org and we'll discuss your ideas.