Tribute to James Connolly
Troy Citizen and Irish Patriot

(A Work in Progress)

The monument to James Connolly (photo at left by Arthur Dunn) was unveiled on Sunday, 17 August 1986, at Riverfront Park in Troy, New York.

Alice Connally Fisk, the Recording Secretary for the James Connolly "Son of Troy" Monument Committee, graciously donated to the James Connolly Society the monument committee archive she recently compiled. This archive gives an account of the people and events surrounding the creation of the James Connolly Monument, and explains why Troy gave tribute to temporary resident James Connolly.

Most of the materials have been scanned and will be uploaded to the site as time permits.

It is our hope that this website will help folks understand the influence James Connolly had on the labor movement, not only in Troy, but in America as well.

Photos and Other Graphics of Monument

Committee Literature
Troy Bio
Committee Letter
Edward Connolly Letter
Supporters List
Event Schedule

Pre-Event Publicity
(Troy) Times Record, 29 May 85: Troy to honor Irish patriot Connolly
(Troy) Times Record, 1 July 85: Plans for honoring Irish patriot
(Troy) Times Record, 8 August 85: Union president agrees to be honorary chairman
(Troy) Times Record, 12 November 85: Connolly Tribute to benefit agencies
New Hibernian Digest, Nov-Dec 85: "Troy Tribute to James Connolly" Set for 1986
(Troy) Times Record, 8 February 86: Irish artist hired to make bust for tribute to James Connolly
CWA News, February 86: Local 116 to Honor 'Son of Troy'
(Troy) Times Record, 12 July 86: City to fete Connolly, founder of the Irish republic
(Troy) Times Record, 13 August 86: Troy to celebrate link with Irish patriot
(Troy) Times Record, 13 August 86: James Connolly Day Parade festivities begin at 1 Sunday
Sunday (Troy) Times Record, 17 August 86: Hundreds gather to remember Troy's Irish patriot

Post-Event Publicity
Unknown Source, 18 August 86: For the Irish, 'Twas a great day to be in Troy
Unknown Source, 18 August 86: CWA workers rally in Troy and Albany
Times Union, 18 August 86: CWA workers rally in Troy and Albany
(Troy) Times Record, 1 January 87: Troy's tribute to Connolly: gets play in world press
(Troy) Times Record, 13 February 88: Money raised in Troy sent to Ireland

Letters of Support
  • Neil Kelleher
    New York State Assembly, 14 December 1984
  • Michael McNulty
    New York State Assembly, 18 December 1984
  • Joseph Bruno
    New York Senate, 27 December 1984
  • Joseph Jamison
    Director of Irish-American Labor Coalition, 31 December 1984
  • Alice Brody
    Labor Coordinator for NYS School of Industrial and Labor Relation, 24 January 1985
  • Tony Clarke
    Deputy General Secretary of UCW, 27 August 1985
  • Morton Bahr
    CWA President, 28 September 1985
  • Chris Kirwan
    General Secretary of ITGWU, 8 November 1985
  • Charles Haughey
    TD of Ireland, 2 December 1985
  • Joseph Roche
    National President of AOH, 13 February 1986
  • John O'Connor
    President of Troy Chamber of Commerce, April 1986
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    If you have more information on Connolly's stay in Troy or elsewhere in America, or if you have an image of the Connolly monument or similar tributes to Connolly in America, email us at jcs@wage[nospam]slave.org.