Letter of Support from Morton Bahr, CWA President

Communications Workers of America
1925 K. Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
Morton Bahr, President

September 27, 1985

Mr. James J. Devine, Chairman
Troy Tribute to James Connolly
Troy Citizen & Irish Patriot
Troy, New York 12180

Dear Jim,

Troy's tribute to James Connolly, labor leader and Irish patriot, next August will give recognition to the impact and contribution the Labor Movement has made in the struggle of people for independence and for a decent standard of living.

I am pleased to endorse your efforts in paying tribute to a man who went on to achieve renown for his contribution to the people of Ireland and for his leadership of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.

This "handshake across the ocean" makes a contribution to international understanding and provides an opportunity to develop more knowledge of labor history in our own country.

In Unity,

Morton Bahr

[ Troy ]