Letter of Support from Tony Clarke, Deputy General Secretary of UCW

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Mr. James J. Devine
Troy Tribute to James Connolly
18 Cortland Street
N.Y. 12180

27th August 1985

Dear James,

Thank you for your welcome letter and enclosures dated 11th August.

I shall take the opportunity to discuss the information you have sent me with colleagues and I hope that they will share my view that your project is deserving of the widest support.

I hope that you are able to make a trip next year and please let me know if and when the final decision is taken regarding dates, etc.

In the meantime, thanks again for sending me the information, it was a great pleasure to meet you again at the CWA Convention last month.

Best wishes,
Yours sincerely

Tony Clarke
Deputy General Secretary

General Secretary: Alan Tuffin
Deputy General Secretary: Tony Clarke

[ Troy ]