Letter of Support from Joseph Jamison, Director of Irish-American Labor Coalition

Irish-American Labor Coalition
American Labor Committee for Human Rights in Northern Ireland
New York Chapter
111 Broadway, Room 800, New York, N.Y. 10006

Dec. 31, 1984

Jim Devine
President, CWA Local 1116
39-112 Street
Troy, New York 12182

Dear Jim,

This is to get back to you as quickly as possible re the idea of a commeration of James Connolly in Troy and the I.A.L.C.'s attitude toward it. I assume are you talking about a plaque or marker in a city square.

I have managed to contact a few of our leading people and they are totally supportive of the idea. I have not yet polled everyone, but I feel confident the result would be the same.

I am glad you have reached out to get the support of Troy public officials, the NY State Assembly and the Senate, the Irish Consulate in New York City, etc. I am told the idea has been raised with Dick Spring, the head of the Irish Labour Party, and that he is supportive as well.

I agree with your logic: Connolly is a link between the Irish and American peoples by virtue of his 1903-1910 stay in American as a labor organizer. He is a link between our two labor movements. He made an immense contribution to both. To recall his life and work here is to contribute to international understanding and to deepen the knowledge of labor history in our own labor movement.

I hope you will call on me if there is any way you think we can advance this project.



Joe Jamison
opeiu #153

(list of names on left side of letter)

Executive Board Thomas W. Gleason, ILA Chairman
John E. Lawe, TWU. Vice Chairman
Harry Van Arsdale, Central Labor Council
Morton Bahr, CWA
Moe Biller, APWU
James Boyle, Firefighters
Peter Brennan, Building Trades
Edward Cleary, NYS AFL-CIO
Ray Corbett, Ironworkers
James Devine, CWA
Humphrey Donahue, AFL-CIO
Frank Drozak, Seafarers
Barry Feinstein, Teamsters
Murray Finley, ACTWU
Rich Fltzsimmons, Tunnelworkers
Lou Gordon, UPIU
Ed Hanley, BRAC
James Healy, State Mediation
Tom Hobart, NYSUT
James Joy, UWUA
John Kelly, OPEIU
Frank Lonardo, ILA
Edward Maher, NYS Dept Labor
John Mahoney, Teamsters
Michaei Mann, AFL-CIO (ret.); Loyal League
Mike Maye, Teamsters
George McDonald, Printing Trades
Paschal McGuinness, Carpenters
Frank McHale, Carpenters
Josie McMillian, APWU
Mickey Morris, Teamsters
John Murray, Plumbers
John F. O'Connor, Carpenters
John J. O'Connor, Amalg Bank
Peter O'Brien, AFSA
Fred O'Neal, Actors
Ed Panarello, Mantime Port Council
Bertram Powers, ITU
Albert Shanker, UFT
John Sweeney, SEIU

Operations William Treacy, Engineers

Paul O'Dwyer, Esq.,
Legal Counsel

Daniel Kane, Teamsters

Joseph Jamison

[ Troy ]