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General Secretary Chris Kirwan

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Mr. James J. Devine,
Troy Tribute to James Connolly,
Troy Citizen & Irish Patriot,
18, Cortland Street,
Troy, N.Y. 12180,

8th November, 1985

Dear Jim,

At the outset I must apologise for the inordinate delay in replying to your letter of the 10th September regarding the Troy Tribute to James Connolly. This tardiness was due to a number of factors involving the industrial scene here in Ireland and, not least, to the fact that the subject matter of your letter was of sufficient importance and significance to warrant having it raised at the level of my National Executive Council.

It follows, naturally, that the Irish Transport & General Workers' Union would seek to be a direct participant in this important tribute to its late Acting General Secretary, James Connolly, and towards that end I have pleasure in enclosing a cheque drawn to the amount of $1000 so that the name of this Organisation will be inscribed on the monument your Board seeks to erect.

In addition, I would be pleased to take out a full-page journal advertisement as per the attached and enclose herewith the relevant cheque for $180.

Since your Board has initiated this very laudible exercise, it might well be regarded as an impertinence on my part to suggest or offer advice on its successfull completion, other than to say that given the appropriate circumstances, my Organisation would hope to have a physical presence at the culmination of the project.

I am forwarding you on a complete set of James Connolly's works published by the Irish Transport & General Workers' Union, which are now collectors' items and no longer available, and should you require any other input from me by way of articles for your journal, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Chris Kirwan

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